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Have we got a story to tell... 

Momma B's was originally started as a way to raise much needed funds for our non-profit dog rescue and the start up programs we put in place to keep more dogs in their homes.

We quickly saw how popular our home baked treats were and it kept us out in the public, where we could spread awareness and information to our local dog community.

After some battles with my health, We decided to go ahead and try to make our little fundraising idea, into a real business and continue baking delicious treats for pets.

14 years of experience in Dog Rescue, Training, Grooming, Nutrition, Vet Needs, and Care, has gone into Momma B's Biscuits and Made us who we are today We have baked treats for dogs with Sensitive Stomachs, Sensitive Skin, Allergies, and Medical/Diet Restrictions. We have tried SO MANY different Dog Foods, Treats and Supplements. We are more than just a Dog Bakery, selling handmade treats that we once made for our own dog. No, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience on a large variety of Dog Breeds. Momma B herself has worked as a Professional Dog Groomer, Veterinary Receptionist, and the General Manager of several different non-profit animal rescues. We hope to share our resources and tips, as well as baking some amazing treats for your pets.

We don't plan to stop at just Dog Treats.

No no no, this is simply the beginning. Our plan from the start was to eventually carry handcrafted treats for Cats, Horses, and perhaps if we make enough to buy a freeze dryer, caged pets as well! (guinea pigs, Birds, Lizards) 




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